Our suite of products help bridging the Gap between mobility and enterprises in fast growing business areas such as IoT, SmartHome, Smartity and m-Health


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For Media & Content providers

nshub content service combines the Power of NoSQL Cassandra database with Elastic Search engine. It also propose a dynamic processing chain with untold Content processing possibilities that allow your content to be multi-device ready, enriched to be exposed to additional digital channels.

Via nshub resulting APIs, content can be indefinitely distributed


  • SaaS = No extra deployment
  • Enable mashup = partnership & ecosystems
  • Better end-user interaction
  • Quicken Application development

For M2M, IoT, and SmartHome actors

nshub Area service, help our clients to leverage their M2M infrastructures and manage connected devices such as smart appliances, sensors, actuators and more connected objects...They can build rich portals combining:

  • Energy, water, gas monitoring
  • Connected Cars
  • Environmental data monitoring (noise, air quality...)


  • SaaS = No extra deployment
  • hardware agnostic
  • Enable partnership & ecosystems
  • Better end-user interaction
  • Quicken Application development
 M2M, Internet of things


For mHealth, Wellness technologies

Hub4Health is the mHealth version of nshub Platform. It is designed to bridge the gap between health and mobility. It will give mobile or web developers the ability to aggregate data from applications and devices to share information with friends, family and health care professionals.  

Hub4Health will use a ASIP secured infrastructure. It will include such services as:

  • Content management,
  • Patients/users management

Combined with usual nshub back-end features to build health or wellness rich and multi-device portals.


  • SaaS = No extra deployment
  • Device agnostic
  • Hub toward various Medical IT
  • Better patient interaction via mobile
  • Quicken Application development

For Cloud & IaaS Providers

With nshub, you can collect, process and mashup data from different sources to deliver added value APIs that enable your clients to build rich mobile or Web Applications such as:

  • Business activity dashboards,
  • End-users portals
  • Private Content storage Apps  

With nshub service integration capability, you can also help your client to "cloudify" their software without pain. 


  • Enable application up-sales and new offers
  • Rapid stack integration
  • Enable content or service Marketplace

nshub helps you to build your SaaS offer on top of your IaaS.


Here are some projects where our products are in use: