nshub services catalog 

The services catalog is a set of business services available on the shelf, developed by neosesame or its partners. 
These services are accessible via REST APIs online. Each service can be dynamically tested.


User Services

Well, any developers need to handle his user's base doesn't he ? 

User management - create and manage users with dynamic and exclusive attributes. 

Accounts - manage user's account and roles, as well as access to services and contents


Group - create and manage group of users following your own business logic


Messaging Services

APIs to interact with users, create alerts and marketing campaigns

Templates - create and manage your own message templates, one for each specific usage.

SMS - send single, multiple SMS rich text SMS, push Wap, and follow their status. 


Push notification - send push to users or group of users with specific business logic.

Emails - send business emails to users or groups.

Area Services

All you need to build M2M applications with connected devices or even wearable technologies

Area - create and manage area with your specific dynamic attributes: houses, buildings, regions or zones.

Sensors - create and manage sensors and measures, whatever the type of unit: energy, temperature, air quality...

Devices - create and manage connected objects such as devices, appliances, electronic devices.

Actuators - create and manage actuators and send commands to activate them, and build logical automatic behaviors for smart home or robotics, ...

Content services

Upload, download, stream, manage, process contents such as pictures, videos, data and more. 


Content managementcreate and manage any type of content with dynamic and exclusive attributes.

Category - create and manage categories of content.


Process chain - Content processing are done through process chains. A process chain represents the overall operation over a content and defines a logic order for any number of action to execute on that content. By example OCR, video encoding, document conversion...


Wall Service

APIs to visualize logs, events and status and create timeline-like element.

Wall management - create and manage walls to display posts and events.


Posts - create and broadcast posts including or not specific actions.



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