Responsive web app generator

GTK stands for "graphical toolkit". It’s a web application generator and manager based on a combination of Twitter bootstrap technology and Python/Django Framework which provides the following advantages:

  • Ultra rapid web prototyping
  • Page Admin, tile Admin, template admin
  • Built-in Connectivity to backend APIs 
  • Tiers API connectivity
  • CSS/html5 mechanism
  • Import of external Javascript modules
  • Apply your own CSS, templates

GTK give developers an out- of-the box human-machine reference responsive interface to be personalized. 

Combined with nshub, the GTK allows our users to build  

  • M2M, Internet of things, connected objects
  • Rich Digital display: News, maps, media
  • Dashboards with multi-sources data
 MyLight Application powered by neosesam

MyLight Application powered by neosesam


Engineered for Performance

With our GTK, you can get your web Application within days instead of months:

  • To build awesome demos
  • To build POC or POV
  • To test your APIs
  • To launch Marketing campaigns

No deployment is needed to launch rich internet Apps on Mobile Phones and tablets.