With nshub, you can collect, process and mashup data from ANY sources AND OBJECT to deliver added value SERVICES

  • Business activity dashboards,
  • End-users portals
  • SmartHome or Smarcity mobile applications

With nshub service integration capability, you can also help your client to "cloudify" their software without pain. 


  • Universal : One API for all objects
  • Quick: Availale online, no deployment needed
  • Cost saving: One platform for many usages
  • Open: You can bring your own intelligence and keep it private as weel as share it with others
  • Scalable: Big Data wellcome

nshub helps you to build your SaaS offer on top of your IaaS.

nshub is a Platform-as-a-service as well as an online software toolkit dedicated to the industrialization of services and applications build and run.


nshub offers a complete environment to build and run applications starting by  choosing the Content feeding the application, as well as Cloud Services to be deployed within the Apps.

nshub comes with the following set of tools :

  • Catalogue of services and Content that can be combined,
  • Development toolkit to build applications and services,
  • A business code generator to generate APIs out of services,
  • A continuous integration chain to secure the development process,
  • A responsive front-end generation and management framework to prove your concepts,
  • Cloud Deployments management tools to abstract developper from backend complexity

nshub core features

Build your private environment, create your services or use existing ones

Have a look at available business services

Multi-domain - each tenant creates and manage his private domain, including sub-domain.

Role & permissions - Secures and controls the way users may have access to APIs and applications. 



Stack - controls the creation of your resources such as VM, MySQL or/and NoSQL base for each tenant.

Services - set your services meta-data and business models, than instantiate the service as many times business cases requires. 

Platforms - controls type of platform your application and services will run on.

Open-source technologies we use in our stack: 

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